Don't you want me here?


What do you think about reggae?

For my part, I don't travel to go somewhere in particular. I travel for travel's sake. The main thing is to move.

Eritrea is called "Erta" in Tigrinya.

Could you add me?

Looking at his face, you could tell that he was annoyed.

Your mother is a pornstar.

This town gave birth to several great men.

I hope everybody is on our side.

Please answer this question one more time.

Do what you wish.

Carole ended up dead.

You're the only one I think about.

I wanted to start a company, but I never got started.

Moses talks to Marie (the other one).

People in the world are always advocating for more freedom and equality.

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Please explain the rules of soccer to me.

They passed out.

I remember the day I met him.


Harald? What an unusual name!

A man has ten fingers.

Sodas contain enormous amounts of sugar and calories.

Don't watch TV until you finish your work.

As usual, I mispronounced words and broke my sentences up in the wrong places.

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What did you do with your old guitar?


Something weird's going on.

She watered her horse.

I wonder if Sanand is a vegetarian.

Let's not get Trey's hopes up needlessly.

The couple is on the dance floor.

What time do you all eat dinner?

Do you really think that Bucky will be able to help Gilles?

Please continue.

What should I buy him for Valentine's Day?

I'm the one who pays all the bills.

He had no idea what these words meant.

It being Sunday, I didn't get up early.

I want you to go easy on him.

He is a man to be depended on.

He has no sense of right and wrong.

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I'm so jealous!

I shall try to take the ball without him noticing.

It was decided that he should be sent for at once.

There are some exceptions.

How many push-ups do you do every day?

I shouldn't have come here.

Neither goal has been achieved.


I'll certainly talk to him.

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She works as a nurse in the local hospital.

They had a brief date.

Dan was presumed dead, though his body had never been found.

This book sells well.

Lanny was afraid that no one would ask her to dance.

You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

We'll have to deal with it.

I saw him yesterday morning.

She's still active in the front lines.

We were just saying goodbye.

Kriton had four aces.


Ermanno told a funny story.


The last time I saw Josip she was dressed in a nurse's uniform.

Ross never says hi to me.

Do you want to see a movie that's both entertaining and thought-provoking?

I will visit you as soon as I can.

German Shepherds have beautiful bushy tails.

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I'm not in the mood for that right now.


We'll swim.

I love you, sweet heart.

I believe you both know me.

Whether a language, dialect, or accent sounds pleasant or not is heavily dependent on whether the listener has any prior prejudices or preconceptions about what he or she is hearing.

He reads the newspaper in order to keep up with the times.

I sold a book.

I like to leave unattended baggage at international airports and railway stations.

My name is Ludwig.

There is little water left.

Elric gave me investment advice.

I've never lied to him.

Pinocchio tried his best to get there, but he couldn't.

I can assure you that honesty pays in the long run.

Pharamp divided the cake into two.

What time do you turn off the lights?

Turkeer is still relaxing.

I do hope you will come again.


I enjoy visiting exciting cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston.

We'll be experiencing an Indian summer for the next few days, but after that, it'll be getting cold again.

It's probably safer in the basement.

The rugs are a good match for the curtains.

Put your camera away.

The man who makes but one mistake a year because he makes but two decisions is wrong fifty per cent of the time.

I have to go to the salon and get my root touched up.

It's sad.

Actually it might be a good idea to start right now.

Could I have three cinnamon donuts?

Lenny will be happy to see you again.


All the students attended the party.


Shane had a pistol.


Then, with a final, terrible scream, the monster flung itself off the mountain to its death on the rocks below.


It doesn't look like there's any big reason to hurry.


I don't think it's necessary for me to sound like a native speaker, I just want to be able to speak fluently.

Pull up a chair.

Be careful not to tamper with it.

I started to think I had behaved foolishly.

Geoff admitted he was afraid.

Would you like to go out to have a drink somewhere?

Do any of you need help?

Do you wish me to help?

Of course, I always lose.


I need you to find him.

It is strange that he should not have attended the meeting.

The child is learning quickly.

Mongo was very sympathetic to Alastair.

Would you like some help?

Olivier was quite confused.

He deeply deplored the situation.

Please be sure to close the windows before you go out.

I managed to catch the last train.


Tovah pushed Michael toward the door.

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I couldn't understand what he was saying.

She gazed at me for a long time.

You are guiding

It'll be a busy day.

That guy is a real weather vane: he constantly changes his mind.

The room was completely silent and everyone stared at us.

The team were quite nervous before the game.

Just call the police.

A tiger has escaped from the zoo.


What do you think of the book?

I'd like you to look after my dog while I'm out.

Man as an individual is a genius. But men in the mass form the headless monster, a great, brutish idiot that goes where prodded.

I have nothing else to lose.

Where's the children's section?

Won't you come up and have a drink?

I think it's about time for us to leave.

The crowd applauded for several minutes.

There is a good chance that taxes will increase.

Bret was an Eagle Scout.

I haven't got five bucks.

Shakil is a shrewd businessman.

Kathleen is studying linear algebra.

He said with a perplexed expression, "I've heard nothing, so I can't say anything."

"Why me?" "Because, by process of elimination, there was no other choice."

I didn't recognize what it was.

Sal was killed in a car crash last year in Boston.

I'm trying to get to him.

This image is not safe for work.

Pagans have deified life and Christians have deified death.

That's the ideal.


She has short hair.


Drivers must observe the traffic rules.

In that time, everything was easier.

She tried to hide her excitement.

Lars was worried about Wolf.

There is a fundamental difference between your opinion and mine.

Did Helge ever tell you any of this?

Root knows Boston.

I heard some weird noises last night.

Did you ask him why?

Lord finally made up his mind to leave Jose.

They do not usually live with their children.


Most Americans do not object to my calling them by their first names.

Please heat the water.

The lessons must provide a comprehensive and differentiated vocabulary.

Pierce is obsessed with trains.

Get off your ass and go for it!

Dwayne got up to answer the door.

Pick your favorite bat.

From what Niall tells me, we are doing very well this quarter.

Could you ask Louis to call Terrance?

The minister had to resign.

I know why Jerald left early.

This is not theirs.

Were you drunk at the party?

Amarth will be back by Monday.

Get a grip!